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© Copyright Fraenk Darko and Hank Sola. All rights reserved
Collaboration between Hank-Sola (soundcloud.com/hank-sola) and Fraenk Darko (soundcloud.com/frankdarko). This song is of our own making regarding songwriting, lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, drums, recording, mastering etc.. Writing as well as recording process are well documented. Artwork and used pictures by Frank Darko.

@hank-sola: Thanks my friend for the great collaboration characterized by mutual inspiration and evolvement.

Please also note: My songs are first-person narratives because it supports the storytelling and the intended impression. Therefore they are not meant to be "autobiographical". Moreover they invite to do or think nothing, they don't constitute any sort of solicitation and don't proclaim a certain attitude. It's simply just music/art.


from Diagnostic Manual of Musical Disorders (DSM​-​ᚦ) - Chapter Doom, track released September 10, 2016
vocals & lyrics: Fraenk Darko
drums & percussion: Hank Sola
electric guitars: Hank Sola
slide bass: Fraenk Darko
bass: Hank Sola
mastering: Fraenk Darko & Hank Sola
artwork: Fraenk Darko



all rights reserved