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PLEASE NOTICE: Well to make that clear, I am a philanthropist and from a humanistic point of view I see the good in people. And to make this clear: This song is absolutely not meant as a try to blame narcissistic people for being how they are, and we especially we must not forget that they are suffering from it too. And when we are honest, everyone of us shows narcissistic behavior to differing extents and in different situations, it's a normal human trait! But let's be hones, sometimes it is so hard to stand this human narcissistic desire to show off. No matter if it's the behavior of others or our own behavior. So I think we can relate and are all familiar with the frustrations it can create on both sides of the coin in every day life, and that's what this song is about. To give this issue room and awareness. With this in mind: Love and empathy, F.D.

BTW: distrotion sound comes form my beloved 90s ProCo Turbo Rat.

© Copyright Fraenk Darko. All rights reserved.
This song is of my own making regarding songwriting, lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, recording etc.. Writing as well as recording process are well documented. All pictures and artwork is also done by Frank Darko.

Please also note: My songs are first-person narratives because it supports the storytelling and the intended impression. Therefore they are not meant to be "autobiographical".
Moreover they invite to do or think nothing, they don't constitute any sort of solicitation and don't proclaim a certain attitude. It's simply just music/art.


from Diagnostic Manual of Musical Disorders (DSM​-​ᚦ) - Chapter Grunge, track released January 24, 2016
(c) Fraenk Darko - Track is of my own making regarding songwriting, vocals, guitar, bass, recording and mastering.



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