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Caution, please note: All instrumental work you hear on this track was recorded with a down-tuned Thunderbird IV bass. Therefore it is a stereo bass and voice only track which means you need a suitable device that is able to playback the huge amount of low frequencies and reproduces the stereo effects (chorus, tremolo). So if you for example listen to it on your smartphone or laptop it probably won't sound that good because you would only hear half of the song. With this in mind: enjoy ;-)

Please also note: My songs are first-person narratives because it supports the storytelling and the intended impression. Therefore they are not meant to be "autobiographical".


from Diagnostic Manual of Musical Disorders (DSM​-​ᚦ) - Chapter Grunge, track released May 11, 2016
© Copyright Fraenk Darko. All rights reserved
This song is of my own making regarding songwriting, lyrics, vocals, instrumental work, recording, mastering etc.. Writing as well as recording process are well documented. Artwork by Fraenk Darko based on a drawing by BG³ Minors with her explicit permission as copyright owner.



all rights reserved